5 Health Benefits & Side Effects Of Iced Tea During Pregnancy

The idea of iced tea may appeal to you during pregnancy. But is it safe?

you are pregnant, your diet undergoes a complete change. You cannot
indulge your taste buds without sparing a thought. Suddenly, your food
habits will be under scrutiny all the time!

There are many foods & beverages that you should avoid in pregnancy diet. Is iced tea one of them?

When it comes to tea, iced or otherwise, moderation is the key. Find out here is it safe to drink iced tea during pregnancy.

Benefits Of Iced Tea During Pregnancy:

Tea is considered to be one of the healthiest drinks out there. Why? Just check out the list of benefits it has to offer!

1. It Is Refreshing:

Is morning
sickness making you feel low? Is the soaring temperature unbearable for
your pregnant body? Well, then what you need is ginger iced tea (1).
With its fresh flavor and taste, iced tea is the perfect beverage to
beat the heat. It can give you an instant boost of energy too, thanks to
its caffeine content.

2. Contains Antioxidants:

pregnancy, your body will undergo a lot of change. It can increase the
free radicals in your body. Tea contains a good quantity of antioxidants
that can keep these free radicals at bay and prevent DNA damage (2).

Read More : http://www.momjunction.com/articles/benefits-side-effects-of-iced-tea-during-pregnancy_00123655/?ref=kv


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